Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Make His Marcus

OK, so obviously I am aware of X Factor. I tend to like the audition/boot camp stages and then tire of it once the live shows get under way. And this year has been particularly grating with all the drama.

But it has one saving grace. Just one. Not Kelly. Not Tulisa. Not their scrapping. Not Gary. Not Mischa B being dressed as a Grace Jones-a-like. (OK, nearly that, it has been pretty awesome.) Certainly not that scroat in the manky skinny jeans. It is Marcus Collins. And not for his singing, which I really have little opinion on, I'm afraid.

But look at his goddamn outfits. So, yeah, slightly weird leather tux with high tops. Not totally convincing. But conjures thoughts in my mind of Arsenio Hall in Coming to America (I might just be inventing that, but it is giving me a warm fuzzy feeling, so let me have that, won't you?)

And then the leather jeans, holey t shirt and high tops. Not getting the pulse racing yet, although I do love a high top so I'm not totally anti.

But then what do we have here? The suit stage. Oh lord. Was anyone ever so dapper in a turquoise blazer, slim grey trousers and two tone jazz shoes? Jeez Louise! Surely this sort of thing goes against the laws of physics, but carry it off he most certainly does.

(Images via Daily Telegraph)

And then this, which the Daily Telegraph are calling his Pee Wee Herman look. Who would ever, in the history of the world, look good in this? I rest my case, the man is a fashion miracle. Loving every minute. Keep with the suits and you get my vote young man.

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