Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Glamour Models

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards have brought us these looks. Here are my thoughts.

Cindy Sherman

It is so strange to see Cindy Sherman as her self. Marc Jacobs - good (even though I'm not sure about it in her) but the bag? Ugly and too every day for the red carpet. Sorry Cindy, I do love you.

 Condoleeza Rice

Overly tight bacofoil shirt dress. Interesting choice.

Debbie Harry

I'm really not sure what is happening with her outfit. One leg is swathed and the other seems to be free. The leather belt (?) waistband (?) is unflattering. I love her white hair. But most importantly when did Debbie start facially resembling Joan Collins? Right?

Donatella Versace

Not words that often leave my lips, but Donatella looks amazing. I don't fancy the dark kohl, but the hair colour and cut of her dress are all divine.

Emma Stone

Love the girl, love the designer (Lanvin), hate this look. So droppy and meh.

Jennifer Anniston (and Chelsea Handler)

Why is Jennifer trying to look like a pre-pubescent girl with the hair cut? Really unappealing. You know, even more than usual.

Jessica Alba

Love, love, love this look. Perfect hair, make up, dress, collars, cuffs, opaques, shoe, nail varnish. Not a foot wrong.

Kerry Washington

Looks really dated, hair and dress, and I loathe the abdominal brooch. But the colour is luscious.

Lea Michele

I'm generally not in love with this girl's wardrobe, but this is beautiful. Lovely colour and cut. Even with the deep V it isn't too much and it is really made by the little cap sleeve. I approve.

Liya Kebede

If you are really beautiful, surely you still want to make the most of your looks. But Liya looks make up free and her dress is ugly. Which seems a strange choice for an event with the word glamour in the title.

 Jennifer Lopez

And just to be contrary, I think J Lo's dress is waaay too much. And for someone with an amazing figure, not very flattering. I just don't think a slit that potentially shows cheek is ever a good idea.

(Images via Daily Telegraph)
Tory Burch

Oh, so ugly. Cutesy sixties shift in pale blue satin with embroidered or jewelled flowers and lace sleeves and hem. Shudder. Worst of the bunch. Actually, maybe a close second to Ms Rice.

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