Tuesday, 15 November 2011

An Ugg by Any Other Name

My one woman mission against the Ugg has been well documented (by me, at any road) so when I clapped eyes on this boot I should have shuddered in disgust. But actually I thought how lovely it looked. You can fold over the top and flop out a mass of really silky looking Mongolian wool. The strapping resembles the Vivienne Westwood pirate boot (hmmm, which I also hate, so I'm not sure why I'm so enamoured of these).
Can I fool myself that because these aren't Uggs, but are by Australian Luxe, that I am allowed to hanker after them free from accusations of hyprocrisy? But the reality is that if I ever see a woman in a similar looking boot I always assume Ugg and I always mentally raise my lip into a sneer, if not physically too. So surely other women would do the same.
 And I just can't be having that.
(Images via Australian Luxe)

Actually, honestly, what am I thinking? The worst thing about the Ugg is the schlep, schlep, schlep noise og an almost entirely unsupported foot being dragged along the pavement. Surely these would make the same noise as the structure looks basically the same. And if I did that I really couldn't look at myself in the mirror again with any respect.

So all in all it has to be a no. Phew! Another fashion dilemma solved.

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