Monday, 28 November 2011

Andy Pandy

(Image via Hobbs)

Isn't it a bore/stroke of luck when you buy one item and it necessitates the purchase of another?

I love my Hobbs parka, but it just looks wrong with my red handbag. It has always been a pet hate of mine when you see a woman around the shops wearing a fleece or all weather jacket with a smart leather handbag. Those are just two things that are not meant to meet.

And my smart red leather shoulder bag and parka seems similarly heinous in my mind. So I've been carrying a very old Hennes brown canvas bag instead. But I don't think it really communicates the message I want to portray. And obviously I am me and I want to buy something new.

So to this. The NW3 Andy bag by Hobbs.

I love that it is cross body. So that while it is black leather and smart it also just about crosses into casual and so doesn't glaringly clash with the parka.

It is small and so I won't be tempted to carry around all my worldly possessions as I am want to do.

It is about a quarter of the price of the Anya Hindmarch cross body bag that I was lusting after.

So my question to you is... do any of those points justify a purchase?

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