Monday, 14 November 2011

Take Knit or Leave Knit

Brrrrr! It's a bit nippy, isn't it? I know that we are apparently about to have the warmest November in living memory, or whatever sensationalist claims the papers are making, but I'm sitting here wrapped up to prevent myself from freezing.

And the only thing that can fight chills like that (other than strapping a hot water bottle to your midriff) is layering up the knitwear.

And I'm clearly in luck because there are serious woolen treats to be had this season.

 The only real problem is that I want them all.
But actually I think I could almost survive the season buying nothing other than knitwear. Because it really can be worn with anything.
 Arans with jeans and boots.

Sequins and slim knits for evenings out or with a pencil for work.
 And cardies over everthing.
 And all of them, all of them, making you so utterly, snuggly warm.

I think if I can pick one or two I am going to have a warm and happy winter. Bring it on!

(Images via Hobbs, Jaeger, Whistles)

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