Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How Bazaar

Oooh! So Harper's Bazaar also had their Women of the Year Awards, slightly less famous faces, and decidedly Brit heavy. Here are my thoughts.

 Amber Le Bon
Ok, so it is a mixed bag. Loves: sparkle, sleeve length, maxi length, eye make up. Loathes: too long and too severe ombre hair, being able to see her pants and, I assume, her bra or otherwise, nipples.

 Bella Freud

I want to like it but it just makes me think of the Polyphonic Spree.

 Bianca Jagger

Bianca is an icon, and she is incredibly beautiful, but I just don't think anyone can really carry off a black satin kaftan. I'm sorry.

 Cara Delevigne

Love the dress and the belt and bag. Hate the boots. She is young and pretty and has lovely hair though, so I'll forgive her.

 Claudia Winkleman

Slightly orange face, and eyes almost lost to her lovely fringe, and dull outfit. But I love Claudia so I can overlook all of those things. You look, and indeed are, awesome!

 Daisy Lowe

I can't quite work out what is going on here. Is it a dinner jacket with a mullet skirt? Is it a dress? Is it a pair of pants with a super hero cape? I'm not quite sure, but what I do know is that I love it.

 Elle Macpherson

Look! Elle is wearing the Jimmy Choos that I love. I love the fit and shape of the dress, hate the sleeves.

 Tracey Emin

What is known as sticking with your chosen style and designer (Vivienne Westwood). I don't love it for the pattern but the shape really works on her.

 Eva Herzigova

Sequinned body stocking and cape made out of hair extensions? In a word - no.

 Florence Welch

Bored, so bored of her whimsical/very expensive designer thing. Why does she have such an obsession with wearing clothes that look like they've been dragged out of great grandma's trousseau? And she seems to be taking herself so seriously with this album. Yawn.

 Jessie J

Jessie J, on the other hand, seems to be having a lot of fun. Tasteless fun admittedly, but fun. Don't get me started on the pineapple atop her noggin though, I might not be able to stop.

 Dame Judi Dench

Sticking with your chosen style part 2. It looks slightly Thai with the embroidery. I like it. Judi, just go with what you know works for you.

 Laura Bailey

Drowned by a shapeless black bin bag.

 Liberty Ross

The colour combination feels very dated and heavy, but actually I think she looks really great.

 Lily Cole

Lily Cole is an amazon, obviously as a model, but I saw her once on the street and I couldn't fathom just how tall she was. Which is confusing as she looks tiny here. I love the fabric of the dress, but the high neckline just makes me think of choking. And I don't like the curls at the side of her head, I think it would look better all scrapped back.

 Natalia Vodianova

I love the length and the velvet. Natalia always looks classy. Except for the ties at the top, which I hate and are super trashy.

 Natalie Massenet

Woo, feathers! Gold clutch! Glossy hair! Love it!

 Poppy Delevigne

Like her sister Poppy has gone gold, but the bacofoil look with lingerie doodad up top lets her down. And I don't think you should accessorise a gold dress with a gold clutch.

Oh, and a message to her boyfriend - ditch the paedo sunglasses.

 Sarah Burton

Considering the incredible dresses she designs this feels very safe, nice, inoffensive but just not particularly exciting. Although I like the long sleeves with the slits.

 Sophie Dahl

So wrong. I love Sophie, I even loved her cookery programme which was universally panned, I once also saw her on the street and she was so unspeakably beautiful and radiant that to see her looking so normal is just an enormous let down. The hair looks mumsy and 70s and frumpy. The cut and colour are just so dull. And the dress is just nothing and the shoes? Really? A flat for a big night out? Disappointing.

(Images via Daily Telegraph)
Virginia Bates

Much like Dame Judi's outfit, only slightly more cutting edge and fashiony. Age appropriate and glamourous. It's a winner for me.

So who do you think wins? Glamour or Bazaar? For me, the high fashion ladies of Harper's Bazaar win by a mile. Do you agree?

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