Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Ides of (Hind)march

(Image via Anya Hindmarch)

Now that I am out of the big city I feel it is the right time to ween myself of my oversized bag habit. I have been lugging round enormous bags for years. I couldn't possibly leave the house without my wallet, a book, phone, diary, notebook, keys, MP3, inhalors, tissues, bottle of water, etc, etc, etc. I'm quite sure my spine hasn't been thanking me for it.

So a smaller bag it must be. And I am really in love with this one from Anya Hindmarch. I saw it in this lovely boutique in Bath called Lux (which is where I bought my Belstaff boots, so might be a dangerous place for me to linger).

I should have it, right? Maybe I'll treat myself once I get a job.

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