Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Take a Brow

I didn't watch Desperate Scousewives last night. Did you? But I just couldn't stop myself from commenting on the 'Scouse Brow' as modeled by many of the stars of the show.

Dude, it is quite a look.

See how this sweet looking model is transformed.

(Images via Daily Mail)

I love a strong brow but this is so extreme. Particularly the squareness of it. It is a pretty draggy look. But to be honest I would rather sport those than super skinny over-plucked brows.

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Unknown said...

Well, a caterpillar brow or something that resembles a thick or bushy eyebrow is fit for round or large-framed faces. Facial aesthetics should be considered before getting your eyebrows done because you might regret it later on if it doesn’t fit you.

Stanley Carroll