Monday, 14 November 2011

For the Sheer Hell of it

It's funny how you can do a 180 with your opinion on something, isn't it? Not so many moons ago I thought the idea of sheer skirts and trousers was just about the vilest thing. And I stand by that with the trews, but the skirts are tickling my fancy.

Although I'm still not totally sure. I have always thought (well, always since the shop existed) that anything that American Apparel sells is not for me. And lo and behold the top one is AA. But undaunted I am still intrigued. I tried on a grey one in Zara a couple of months ago and really liked it, except that Zara is convinced that I am obviously too hideously large and unshapely and so do not seem to make any clothes that fit me properly.

I was also somewhat put off my having so much of my leg visible. I only really wear short skirts with opaque tights, so I wasn't totally comfortable with the pins only having a breath of fabric to protect their modesty. But the winter styles can totally be worn with tights and boots, suggesting a little sauciness without revealing too much.

I quite like this floral number, but is is too grungey? I don't want to look like a throwback.

(Images via Asos, Whistles)

Teamed of course with a chunky knit, cute or am I deluding myself?

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