Friday, 4 November 2011

My Humble A-Boden

(Image via Boden)

For those who have been reading this for some time you will be more than aware of my tempestuous relationship with skinny jeans. For those who haven't I'll sum it up - I love them, they don't love me back.

But I am willing to try again. Namely to wear tucked in to my biker boots. I thought the boot would balance out the hip and so therefore not make me look enormous up top tapering down to a point.

But I have some concerns.

Will skinny jeans tucked into boots make me look like a douche?

Who am I kidding, will I still look enormous?

I am thirty two years old, should I put down the skinnies?

I love the colour of this pair and I like the idea of wearing my boots over jeans, but can I actually carry it off.

Also, as a PS, thanks to the lovely Kate for introducing me to Boden. I always thought it was horrifically mumsy and boring, but actually there are some really nice pieces.

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