Wednesday, 9 September 2009

State of the Art

Yes, lets. We could send them letters. The people who do this blog sent letters to everyone that lives in a little village called Cushendall in Ireland. Can you imagine getting a letter from someone you didn't know? (I chose this one as an example because it is the most fashiony, you see?)

Apparently they are artists. Some people might find this charming in the extreme. I think it is tedious. It makes me roll my eyes. Why don't artists do paintings anymore? That we can look at and ooh and ahh over? E and I particularly like a painting that looks like a photograph. We LOVE that shizz. We just stare and stare saying 'BUT IT LOOKS JUST LIKE A PHOTOGRAPH DOESN'T? JUST LIKE ONE!!!' whilst shaking our heads in wonder. And in the same vein, I don't get why so many fashion photogs are doing shoots with nekkid models. The point is the clothes surely? Weirdness. The world is going mad I tell you. If only there were more painting like photographs things would be much, much simpler.

Anyway, yes let's campaign. But it has to be said, even though creepy Terry makes me feel yaktastic, I am more than happy with bum out leotards. I'd love one for real! Hahahaha I would though!

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