Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dumb Belle?

I know my posting is thin on the ground right now. I know I know I know. The reasons for this are twofold.

a) It is The Head's birthday in a week and a bit. And what does he want? A banjo. I KNOW! ME NEITHER, but if that's what my beloved wants that's what he shall have. But they are pricey so I don't have any spare money to spend on sequined animal print minis so I daren't even LOOK at any website that will encourage me to shop. Damn it.

b) I am obsessed with gym clothes and as soon as I have some spare money that's they way it'll be going. I am bored of washing and washing and tumblying my gym things. I want lycra, that dries fast and doesn't need ironing. (The Head doesn't see the point in this but I think going to the gym in a t shirt that isn't crisply ironed is just setting oneself up to be DESTROYED by those cross trainers.) And I want to Jamie Lee it up. I wish I could get away with wearing a leotard with a belt, but I think I might raise a few eyebrows down Surbiton Racquet and Fitness.

I like these things from Addidas. Predominately because they have shiny wet look bits. Do they bridge the gap between Jamie and Suburbiton nicely?

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