Monday, 28 September 2009

Seville Unrest

(Images via Nothing Elegant)
Kitty and I went to London Fashion Weekend yesterday. It was something of a bun fight, and in Kitty's own inimitable words, there was a lot of s**t. However, we did come across the stall of Paul Seville, creator of some utterly delightful, and not a little naughty, leather pieces.
His corset belts were really the star attraction. Kitty bought one, it is like the brown at the top of the second picture, but in black. It looks insane on her. Serious handspan waist and everything. I am quite jealous, but I seem to be saving my pennies for season 4 sleeping bags and other such practical items at the moment. Sadly.
But put that baby with a simple black dress, and YOWZA! You are going to have one hell of an outfit on your hands.

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