Thursday, 3 September 2009

Top of the Pops

OK, here we go...

Yes it will.

It could work but, hmmm no maybe it won't. I'm not sure. I DON'T KNOW MY OWN MY MIND ANYMORE!!!! AGHHHHHHH!!!! NEXT!! !!!!'S x infinity.

Possibly, but a cuter and (much) less hirsute one. But those guys look well jolly so it could be fun to don red coats and mingle, who knows?

I prefer the black but I don't image that will surprise you. I think the lips will POP! (pop pop the fun don't stop) against the black.
And now to the boots. Yes her! Doesn't she look like:

Haha! But she does though! I'll wear them with leggings or jeggings or whatever we are calling tight pants these days and floaty dresses made from man made fibres. Huzzah!

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