Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What's Not to Lycra?

I have to confess that since my little tantrum I have developed a bit of an issue with sportswear myself. Obviously I am not the type to wear it for non sporting occasions, but seeing as I want to be in a suitable physical state to climb mountains I need to start frequenting the gym significantly more frequently.

And of course a girl has to be dressed right for breaking into a sweat. I have been into Sweaty Betty more often in the last couple of weeks than any other shop. I even have a loyalty card for goodness sake.

So I take back anything mean I might have said about sportswear (except I stand by anything derogatory that passed by lips about JB Sports or JJB Sports, clearly) and I have to say YOWZA! That Addidas stuff is super sexy and appealing. Well done you for finding it. You must have it. (Once that banjo is in the Head's sweaty little mitts, of course. When will he be performing to the great unwashed...?!)

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