Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Pretty Vitti

(Image via Garance Dore)

I love Garance Dore's blog. It's the first of many that I read every morning whilst I drink my coffee and hope that my synapses start communicating with one another.

She has posted about being asked to sit front row at D&G along with The Sartorialist and a couple of other major bloggers. I love her humbleness about the whole experience. She decided to shoot gorgeous backstage photos rather than pics of the show itself and they are lovely. I am a bit taken with her and I won't blather on because I might sound like a bit of a stalker and that's Not Cool. BUT. Whilst there she took a photo of a photo. A photo squared, if you will. It is of someone called Monica Vitti. I have NO idea who she is so I presume she is an actress. You know what I'm thinking? FRINGE CRUSH!

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