Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Run of the Mill(en)

OK, I know I have already been bleating on about coats, but dude, do you feel how cold it is out there? Sheesh, I had hopes for an Indian summer. September is often the reward for having a rubbish summer, but two days in and things are not looking good. Gah!

So the winter coat discussion is becoming quite urgent, I feel.

I want one that is fitted, and full skirted. Surely it must be possible to be warm and have shape, no? Ideally it would be navy, although really, any colour as long as it goes with my new purple handibag. Even camel might be considered. Maybe. Does go terribly well with purple...

(Image via Karen Millen)

What are your thoughts on this one? It is the first that I have seen that fits the shape criteria. Not sure about the buttons and the high neck, though. I might need to go and see it in the wool.

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