Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Missing Link(s)

Ice T reminds me of my uncle. No shizz! There is a very definite resemblance. And my Uncle is also a bad ass. He is missing half a finger. I forget how he lost it - he is a man of many stories - but one of his favourite 'niece riling' things to do is to stick the dodgy finger up his nozzle, pretend to get it stuck and then pull it out whilst yelling that that he has the other half of his finger still up his nostril. Ta da! He is a real pleasure around the dining table. My Aunt does not resemble Coco in any way, shape or form.

We are fans of NWA in our house. In fact we listened to Straight Outta Compton on the way to a wedding recently. Nothing like a bit of gangsta rap to get you in the mood for a friends nuptials. The Head and his friend B (out of BK, you know the ones that got married earlier this year) know every single word to every single track on that album. It really got us in the mood for a bit of romantic church based action.

And now you like NW3. I even have a link to NW3! I lived there man. For real! I did not notice a Hobbs in the entire time I was there but if they say they started off there who am I to question? I am so pleased you had a lovely shopping blow out, full of joy! And that you will be working English Heritage this AW. I like it a lot. Shall we join the national trust?
Did you ever dare imagine that your post would be so, so relevant to me on so many levels. Did you?

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