Monday, 14 September 2009

Taking Liberty's

Ooh nice! It has it's own little hip shelves that you can balance things on. I have never seen a coat with hip shelves. Aren't things getting architectural all of a sudden? Kevin McCloud will be reporting live from Fashion Week soon, you mark my words!

I like this coat from Zara. I don't know what has happened to me. I mean, it is essentially a fleece. I never really shop at Zara. The pants in there are so God damn long it's just insane. I resent having to pay a tailoring fee just because my legs are a normal, average kind of length. But I saw these things on and I really like all of them. (I wouldn't wear the fleece and the feather skirt at once. I haven't totally lost my mind.)

I also like this crop sweater to sling on as the nights draw in.

As long as it doesn't make me look like this. (Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, much?)

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