Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Walk This Way

Hiiiiiiiii! I'm BACCCK from the wildes of the Lake District. The Head and I struggled to light log fires*, got chased by bulls** and got drunk on Guinness*** during the most calorific evening I have had since my 5th birthday party when I ate all the sweet treats myself after refusing to share with my buddies. (I'm an only child. You expect more from me?)

Whilst we were away we did a LOT of walking. I carried the rucksack everyday. And every time I shrugged it on I put on a sad face and said 'I bet all of these people around us think, "what a horrid man, making his spindly little wife carry this heavy bag whilst he just walks along, swinging his arms freely in the wind"' which would make him say 'GIVE THE BAG TO ME THEN HAYLEY' and I would say 'NO it's my punishment, you SAID SO!' which would make him walk away rolling his eyes. HHAHAAHA. Anyway. He got so bored by this that he bought me my own rucksack so we could have one each and I would have to stop. I LOVE IT. It has a clip for your keys! And a netted bit for your water bottle. As well as wearing my walking boots around town I want to use it as my new handbag (so much better for the posture). I mean I won't of course, but I am still terribly enthused about it. And for that reason I can share your joy at an AA £15 gym bag. God. We are like, so totally cool Luce.

* In our luxury refurbished cottage. With central heating.

** I knew they were bulls but The Head insisted they were just friendly cows. Cows don't have bull willies. Or the killer instinct that bulls seem to. We had to leap up on a stone wall and then actually RUN through a field after The Head suggested we should 'jog a bit to get out of their line of view'. AGHHHH!! FEAR ALERT!!

*** I was drunk. The Head was not. He is made or sterner stuff. Swoon!

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