Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Keep It Under Your Hat

You know why it has got cold don't you? Because me and The Head are taking our two week holiday in Engerland rather than jetting off to cook ourselves on a Greek beach that's why. I'll be packing my winter holiday hat (the waxed Gallagher-esque pork pie one) as opposed to the panama now won't I? I won't grow a monobrow and adopt a monkey like swagger to match, don't worry. Or wear mine with a suit. (Horrors!) Bugger it though. That panama hasn't seen nearly as much action as I had anticipated.

Shall we discuss the boots then? I think I am keener on the workmany ones than the others although I'm not sure that stomping about the place in those won't make me look...I don't know...a bit...mental? What do you think? On a practical level they will be good in the cold and no doubt wet London winter and they will transfer well to my visits up North my parent's country pile.*

And now to you. I like that coat for you. I think you could work a funnel neck nicely specifically because of the short hair. You don't want to get bound up with your hair int he funnel and then half out of the funnel etc. You'll look nice and crisp. And warm.
I wish that Karen Millen's website people had put a shoe on that mannequin. She has a BAG for heavens sake. And an opaque. Why not a simple pump? This kind of thing really bothers me. I know, I know I shouldn't let it but I do.

* I say pile, I mean two up two down cottage with kitchen diner and expansive rural views to the rear.

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