Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Straight Outta... Hampstead???

Gosh, you don't want to do that. Mix up NW3 with NWA. Look how mean Mr. Cube looks. I couldn't resist!

It is the slightly more sedate, but no less exciting subject of the new label from Hobbs that I want to discuss, however. NW3 - named for the Hampstead postcode where Hobbs started their shiznit, it is the new, funkier side of Hobbs. And I LOVE IT!!

Actually, more than that. I almost started hyperventilating when I went into the shop, such was my excitement.
I would say that it is English heritage with an edge. I went nuts. Kate, who I was shopping with said I developed a cold steely look in my eye that meant that I was going to shop, and no one, but no one, was going to stop me.

I spent more than my rent for a month. A mustard yellow riding jacket with brown elbow patches. A yellow paisley scarf. (Both above). The paisley dress below. A brown and gold belt. A charcoal grey hat that is the love child of a cloche and a peaked cap. And a purple handbag.
No, I am not joking. See. I told you. NUTS!!!

(Images via Hobbs)

And the people in the shop were super friendly and helpful and excited about the new collection. It was the best shopping experience I have had in a while. And I want to go back. Just maybe not quite yet. Better pay this credit card bill off first... don't you think?

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