Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oscars - Um..., Err..., Meh

I'm pleased that Cameron Diaz has covered up her legs for once, but I'm not excited.

The Princess of Monaco looks about as enthusiastic about this dress as I feel. I like the waist and below but I hate the polo neck.

I think this is really pretty, and actually I was undecided, but I think it is really just pretty.

I love the colour of this but I feel the neckline is a tad dated.

From the waist down I think Judy Greer's dress is marvellous, but the top makes me think of Kate Winslet in the Stella McCartney optical illusion dress, which doesn't make me happy.

Lovely colour but would be infiinitely nicer without that weird drapey arm thing.

Kristen is still rocking the almost bridal look. The colour is a bit more interesting though and I like her hair.

Louise Roe's dress has something of an Edwardian feel, which I love, and the belt and colour are heaven, but I'm not sure it is really dressy enough for the Oscars. Maybe the fabric is just a little too plain.

Maya Rudolph is rocking the aubergine and the cap sleeves are adorable, and actually, I don't think there are any buts. If I was being really picky I would say the materical looks a bit casual, but I'm going to take it back because I like it.

I think this is so close to being marvellous, but there just feels like too much fabric in the skirt and around the waist and hips.

I very nearly like this but it just seems ever so slightly dull to me.

There is no doubt that Stacey Kiebler looks insanely amazing, and I don't even mind the colour, and the draping is lovely, I just really really don't like that hip rosette.

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Elle UK)

Tina Fey looks tiny in this dress, as in very, very stumpy. I think the dress itself is ok, if a little dull, but I wish there was a lot more fitting going on. If that skirt and peplum were made without about half the fabric I would be much happier.

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