Friday, 17 February 2012

Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

My place of employ goes in for dress down Fridays. And while I have partaken of the joys of denim once or twice I have to confess that I have something of a mental block about dressing down at work. Annie and I used to prefer dress up Fridays. Which is very much a concept that I can subscribe to.

But where I am now the only way is casual. And I do see the appeal of being comfortable at work. Particularly at mine where I am up and down stairs and basically doing manual labour with all the heavy lifting.

And so I'm thinking compromise. Maybe not jeans, maybe a nice pair of trousers that I can dress up or down as necessary. The pair of work trousers that I bought from Wallis are so ugly I can barely look them in the face. But what about one of these pairs? Cute with a smartish top and a pair of white Converse or Superga plimsolls.

I know that would be the sensible option. So why am I craving this heavenly pair from Karen Millen. Equally cute with a plimsoll, but maybe not quite so practical, huh?

(Images via Jigsaw, Hobbs, Karen Millen)

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