Thursday, 23 February 2012

Elements of Style

I saw a lady the other morning who made me take stock of my current fashion state of affairs. She was quite a bit older than me with white hair and was impeccably dressed. Not that "good for someone older" more like "better than anyone half her age in a hundred mile radius".  Including me. I was wearing my hideous work trousers and just felt a bit crap.

So I made a decision then and there. And here are my aims:

I will only keep and buy clothes that I really love. (The work trousers are out.)

I will not leave the house unless I have made an effort.

I will not leave the house if I am not happy with what I am wearing.

I will not make do.

I will dress for myself and not based on anyone else's expectations or judgements.

I will be comfortable being overdressed for the occasion.

(Images via Advanced Style)

And on another note, these pictures of glamorous older ladies come from the lovely blog Advanced Style, which is well worth a look.

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