Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Green, Green Grass of Home

I urgently need to get some colour into my wardrobe. I realise that I am following a similar path to the one I did a few years ago and I need to make it stop. For my own well being. It went something like this:

- Wasn't feeling great about myself

- Started putting on weight

- Started wearing lots of black and dark clothes

- Started wearing shapeless clothes

- Felt worse about myself

- Ate some more...

You see where this is going. Well at that point I picked myself up, dusted myself off and booked myself a trip to the mountains, did lots of training, felt loads better about myself, got a bit thinner, felt loads better about myself, started wearing lots of colour and fitted clothes, felt on top of the world.

So I've done all the negative things on that list again and it is time to put a stop to that and put a more positive spin on things. And I think a lovely easy way to do that is with colour. So what about this Topshop number? Yes, I know it is shapeless but baby steps, you know?

The colour is heaven. I really love it. Less sure about the fussiness of the straps at the back, but chances are it will be covered by a cardigan to start with, so maybe that doesn't matter.

(Image via Topshop, Marks & Spencer)

And talking about the cardigan, I've had my eyes on this one from M&S. It is bright and jolly but are the colours too similar? They definitely look so here, but in real life I remember the cardigan being a slightly bolder shade. Those two could work together without me looking as though I was turning into the hulk, couldn't they?

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