Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Baftas - No

Sweet wrapper. And the colour of the fabric and her jewellery don't work together.

Jesus Christ! What was she thinking? Off the shoulder bevalanced dress and long gloves? Hurl!

Manky old ruffles.

Get where you are coming from, but please, something more exciting for the red carpet, no?

I just don't understand why anyone would want to wear this dress. No redeeming features.

It's Victoria Beckham, so I should like it, but all it makes me think of is an oil slick and all those poor sea birds they are going to have to hose down later.

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Elle UK)

Michelle, I love you, and I suppose this dress isn't totally hideous. But we normal scrubbers who shop in H&M don't want someone who could be wearing Oscar de la Renta to be wearing bespoke H&M. That isn't part of the deal. Buck up your ideas before the Oscars, missy, or there'll be words.

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