Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Oscars - The Bad

Angelina, I don't care how nice or not your dress is, I just cannot abide what is happening with your leg. Put it away for god's sake. It looks like you are smuggling stolen mannequin parts.

Honestly, there are no words. I had a dance teacher when I was younger who had trousers that looked like this. Never thought it would be a good idea to make a dress out of them.

Yes, Jane Seymour, you do look great for your age, but you also look like a showgirl.

The striping and the upper arm gaps make this unforgivable.

Livia Firth really isn't selling this whole eco fashion thing. This dress is enormously dowdy and unflattering with a sad little droopy boob curtain.

I love the colour and I think it is interesting, but I don't think any boobs, particularly such a magnificent pair, deserve that much draping.

Miss Pyle, love your name, don't love your dress. Truly one of my red carpet pet hates - one dress up to the knee and a mysterious leg curtain. Who made that look up?

It has been praised by many but I just can't see beyond the baggy, badly fitting top and twigs or witches fingers around the waist.

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Elle UK)

Oh, Viola, so, so wrong. The colour and the hideous ruffles and skirting are so wrong I can't even believe it has been allowed to happen.

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