Monday, 6 February 2012

A Girl in Wolves' Clothing

(Images via Kurt Geiger, Ted Baker)

I love getting out of my outside shoes and getting in to slippers when I get home. But my slippers aren't very cosy. They are of the felt and rubber sole variety. Awfully comfortable and pleasant to pootle around in but not that warm. And with this weather what my feet were crying out for was some snugglebility.

So I looked desperately around and couldn't find anything that wasn't hideously grannified. So I did the unthinkable and considered by the Ugg slippers above. Gosh, my feet would be cosy in those. Hmmm. But fortunately the £100 price tag stopped me in my tracks.

Then I happened upon these treats. My little wolf or bear paws. Completely ridiculous, of course, but my feet have never been happier. The dog was a little perturbed, but once we had established that a couple of moggies hadn't snuck into the house he was happier, if still a little unsure. He keeps sniffing them. But he had better get used to them sharpish because they aren't coming off my feet any time soon.

Now, do you reckon I could get away with wearing them at work...?

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