Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oscars - The Good

I am very glad to say that the ladies, for the most part, really pulled out all the stops for the Oscars this year. There were definitely more pluses than minuses.

And as to the pluses:

Emma Stone rocks this red pink. The colour is so beautiful that I almost don't mind how much it reminds me of that red dress Nicole Kidman wore a couple of years ago with the mahoosive bow.

Gwyneth Palrow - I bow before you. This is absolutely stunning and couldn't be bettered by all the glitz and show in all the world. I adore it.

Jessica Chastain's dressing is often very hit or miss in my mind, but she came up trumps in this Alexander McQueen number. Lovely.

Kelly Osbourne, yay, you got it right! So slinky and flattering and appropriate for the event. Keep dressing like this. Please.

Michelle, you are so beautiful and perfect I can barely stand it. I love this dress, the colour, the texture, the peplum. Swoon! And then the combination of the colour and the pink clutch is so exciting and unexpected.

Milla Jovovich, your career might not be Oscar worthy but your wardrobe sure is.

Finally, Octavia Spencer finds a flattering dress. I rejoice!

Oh, Penelope, I love this colour I will forgive you for having drapy off the shoulder sleeves. You're welcome.

Rooney's love affair with Givenchy continues to great effect.

Still in love with Rose Byrne's bob, and the black sequins are so chic and sexy. Very nicely done.

Shailene Woodley follows the Palrow laws of red carpet dressing and looks amazing. Long white and minimalist is clearly the trend highlight of the day.

I wish her hair was still dark, but otherwise Berenice Bejo's mint green dress is to die for. Lord knows I like a long sleeve.

This young lady was criticised for matcing her dress with her hair, and it is quite autumnal, but I think the colour really works for her.

Can we just talk about the very best hair ever? And the dress is super cute too.

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Elle UK)

Oh Glen, who would think that a Barbie ballgown and matching tux jacket would work? It is truly a tribute to you that they do.

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