Monday, 6 February 2012

A Girl in Sheep's Clothing

Lordy, winter has arrived. My feet were so cold by the time I got to work on Friday that it took about an hour to defrost them.

My colleagues are fans on the shearling boot and persuaded me (although, really, it didn't take that much) to get some. But I've never considered an Ugg to be my style. But the warmth... THE WARMTH! How could I not have that in my life? And when we got let out of work an hour early it really seemed like a sign as I would be able to make it to my favourite boutique, Lux, to have a look at their reduced Australian Luxe boots.

The pair above were ones that I lusted after a couple of months ago but their price was prohibitive. But at two thirds off now they didn't seem so bad. Now the question was, could I compromise my style for cosy toes? I put them on and while it was like sliding my feet into heaven I knew that they just weren't for me.

Fortunately they also had the Belstaff Jenn Gumlight boot. Sheepskin lined, but leather. A bit more practical, a bit cooler, and at the same price, it really wasn't too much to work out. Except that my bulky calves mean that I will have to make more holes in the straps. But that is a little niggle for a really perfect, and warm pair of boots. Here's to happy feet. Yay!

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