Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cash(mere) in Hand

So, we have established that it is pretty damn cold. So all my thoughts of warm weather clothing have been put on the back burner. But at the same time I don't want to go full on winter, you know. All black and dour.

So when I saw this Brora cashmere sweater it pleased me to think that I could work warmth and a softer shade at the same time.
 Jigsaw also have some lovely pastel shades for their knitwear. I am equally enamoured of this cashmere sweater.

Despite at the beginning of winter claiming that I would be going nuts for knits I only actually bought one piece. The weather hadn't really been cold enough to bother. But now it is, so I might indulge.

Much of the cheaper (more trend based) knitwear has been really oversized this season. But when you are not of demure proportions yourself it feels better to keep things marginally more fitted. I love both these Jigsaw cardigans. Particularly the one above. If only it came in a more interesting colour than "sand".

But of course, contrary Mary that I am I really love this Whistles sweater dress which is totally outsized. But oh so snuggly! It would look great with my new Belstaff boots. I just have to work out if there is enough winter left to merit it.

(Images via Brora, Jigsaw, Whistles)

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