Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Baftas - Maybe So

White = nice. Shape = dull.

Crazy. But who am I kidding, I love it! (But only on her.)

Pretty, but just not appropriate for the red carpet. Step it up.


Safe and dull.

She's in a film called Bridesmaids... She looks like a bride... She looks cute, but it is just too weddingsy.

I love this dress but I'm not sure about the fit. And I hate the tights. Picky? Me?

The dress is ok, if a little bordello keeper. But whatever that thing is over her shoulders is awful. Plus her hair is way too close a tribute to Maggie for my comfort. Meryl, you're a hottie, be a bit nicer to yourself.

Hmm, is she about to come out of that? Plus the fabric looks kind of like a lava flow. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I get where she is coming from with this, inspired by Sharon Stone's white shirt and formal skirt, which was a real winner, but I'm not sure she carries it off with quite the same panache.

Hmmm, pretty, I'm just not sure about something. Maybe it is that she looks as though the has had an ever so slightly larger picture of her head and shoulders stuck on top. The proportions just seem a bit, well, weird.

Colour = lovely. Not sure about the top part though. Not kind to her boobs, and that straight across bit...? A tribute to opening the envelope to announce the winners?

(Images via Daily Telegraph, Elle UK)

She looks awfully happy, so I'm sorry to slighly rain on her parade. There is nothing that I really hate about this, I just don't really love it either. You know?

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