Wednesday, 28 October 2009

X Marks the Spot

Listen, I am so stressed out about X Factor right now.  No one likes Danyl despite him being the best God damn singer in the competition...two hobgoblin twins are being kept in to commit more crimes aginst music, fact humanity on a weekly basis and one of the girls speaks so fast youcan'tlikevertellwhatshe'ssayingandidon'tknowifit'scharmingorwellannoyinginnit.  I don't know WHAT to think anymore.  I saw X Factor as a nice llittle hobby I could take up duing the Autumn/Winter months and now I'm hooked and have had to cancel plans for Saturady and Sunday evenings until late December so I don't miss the live shows. 

I was sad that Kandy rain had gone because I liked them man, but then Miss Frank went on Sunday and they had given thier best performance to date so you just never know with these things.  God.  I'm spent.  I am literally FRETTING about what might happen on Saturday.

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