Monday, 12 October 2009

I. Die.

I have a cold. My throat is itchy and scratchy and sore. I am hot I am cold, I'm yes then I'm no...I am a Katy Perry song? No! Not that, anything but that.

I sat watching back to back Rachel Zoe Project whilst snuffling away and feeling sorry for myself yesterday. Have you seen it? I swear down, it's the best God damn thing on the telly. I. Am. Addicted.  I also     keep pausing                     massively                   in                    my                   sentences and want to stalk about the place in vertiginous metallic heels, dripping in furs and gold and carrying a starbucks cup that is almost as big as me.  Her hair man!  She is the Queen of height at the crown! 

The Head kept watching it over my shoulder. I was explaining her catchphrases to him, and now he keeps walking around the house, dropping a hip and declaring 'I. DIE!' every time he likes something. When I stop feeling like I might actually die I'm sure I'll find it the most adorable, hilarious thing            like          everrrr.

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