Friday, 2 October 2009

Drawing a Veil Over It

(Image via Apartment #34)

I met with my favourite Bride To Be and her sister last night and she whipped out her Wedding Book. I love The Wedding Book! It is full of loveliness for us to coo over. We were chatting about bridesmaid dresses. E is a very kind bride and wants us to all look lovely and to feel happy in our frocks, so she isn't pouring us all in to the same style so we can all tramp along the aisle behind her in a vision of matchy matchyness. No! We're going to have different styles and shades with some sort of LINK to her dress (which is deeeeeeeeevine and hanging up in my wardrobe right now - a fact that gives me a pang of anxiety when I open the doors every morning and try and make sure that nothing else is touching it, I don't BREATHE near it etc etc) like a brooch or hairclip or something. I am so glad she is her!

I was thinking that I'd like a floor length number. You know, for the glamma innit! But then I saw this and I'm thinking I might get my legs out now.  I looooove this.  I would spend the whole day holding the skirt bit outwards like a proud four year old or twirling and twirling round, but you know, that's nothing new.

(Image via Apartment #34)

Then again.  There's always THIS.

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(Image via Vogue Italia)
What? Too much?  You think?

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