Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Birds Of A Feather

(Via Zara)

Oddly enough I was just discussing my tactics for avoiding this year's Christmas Party with a colleague.   I bloody loathe them.  I usually turn up for half an hour fling myself about a bit so I get seen by the masses and then exit quietly and run home.

I might be more inclined to go if I were wearing that though.  It's aces!  Topshop did a sort of shrug/wrap thing in that same material last year and oh my GOD I loved it.  I left a bit of a greasy smudge mark on one arm actually after regularly heading to Topshop at lunch times to pet it last.  I have my eye on the one above from Zara.  I expect you wil leave feathery strands behind you like a tufty gingerbread trail in something like this but at least that will make you easy to locate in bars etc.

(Via Asos)

I also LOVE this bag.  Not to wear with the skirt though.  Hell!  I ain't Big Bird sister!

OH!  I just reaslied I hadn't answered the question!  Usless girl.  Yes chunky chunk jewels and a boyfriend blazer I think rather than a keep it louche.  Maybe with a white t-shirt underneath?  Oooh I've even convinced myself! I want it too now!

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