Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bella Bella!

I spent a very jolly few hours at my pal J's on Sunday indulging in a bit of afternoon tea.  Well, I say that.  I mostly indulged in pink Processo (it's called Rosecco!  You've gotta love that.  I felt really klassy when I bought a bottle at Waterloo M&S and shoved it in my handbag before rushing on to the tube I can tell you...I clunked all the way down the escalators like a stylish wino).

(Via bellafreud.co.uk)

It was nice and I wore my new bewelled pumps which are from Next so I have kept them a secret from you.  They are both glitzy and leopard print.  I mean, I'm beside myself about them I really am.  It has taken almost all my might to keep them a secret. Anyway it all reminded me of this sweter that Kate Moss wore when tea-ing years ago.  I coveted it!  I like to mix things up from the usual black by sometimes slipping in to a navy and I wanted one.  It's so expensive though.  It's only a sweater for heaven's sake.  Now Bella Freud has brought out a new design to even things up a bit. 

And we do don't we?  Love Jane I mean!  I mean, LOOK...the short, the overly tanned leg. What's not to love?

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