Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Cat in Hell's Chance

(Image via Office)

Vagina boots? What does that even mean? If you wear them you have a vagina? Or will show all and sundry your vagina? Or they're made out of... ok, I'll stop there. That is gross.

You know there are certain items that people who aren't in to fashion (most of them having willies) just don't get.

I guess over-the-knee boots are one of those things. Doesn't make them wrong, though.

The majority of girls I have seen wearing them have been doing so with considerable style and panache and haven't once made me think about whoring (unlike the girl on Snaresbrook platform this morning in her wetlook leggings and stripper shoes) or vaginas.

Let us focus our minds on something really heinous... thank you Irregular Choice. Aren't they the ugliest damn boots you ever saw?

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