Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Free and Uneasy

Lordy, do you want to know what I've gone and done? I got up bright and early this morning to hot foot it to the gym wearing my gym clothes. Worked out like a demon. All well and good. But upon opening my gym bag to put on my regular, every day, sweat free clothes I found a gaping chasm where my bra should be. As we might have mentioned before I have been overly blessed in the bosom department. So have had to spend the morning spectacularly unsupported.

I don't know what those ladies were up to burning their brassieres in the 60s. I personally am lost without my upper topper flopper stopper. So this lunch time I will be racing off to good old Rigby & Peller to get myself rehoused. And I can't wait. It is not right, not right at all.

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