Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Utter Madness!

I have no thoughts darling. Not a one. I don't really know what Mad Men is, other than that it's a show on the telly. My telly viewing is limited to What Katie Did Next, Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two and The One Show (I LOVE it. I don't know why exactly. It is like the TV equivalent of an eccentric old maiden aunt. All over the place but still chaste. But I love Adrian Chiles' sourpuss face and dour delivery and eye rolling as he introduces items such as 'the history of the bath.' (Serious, that was an item earlier this week. What's not to love?)

I'll tell what I don't love, and that's Madness. Gah! Can't stand them. But I was stuck for an image and it was them or Whigfield and she seemed a bit of a tenuous link even for me.

I do think your bosoms will look ASTOUNDING in that kind of get up though. God. It's just GREAT when fancy dress works for you isn't it? Please take me wig shopping! I've always wanted to know what I look like blonde (in my mind's eye, like Wendy real life, Wendy Richards.

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