Thursday, 29 October 2009

And the Band Played On

I am finding the thin plaited head band so utterly, utterly tedious I can barely stand it. Why does every young girl seem to think that by bunging one of those on their heads that it instantly suggests that they are kooky and have some vestige of personality? All it actually does is make your hair look a mess and leaves you with an unsightly mark on your forehead.

I think a much thicker band worn low like that, however, might have something to say for itself. I mean, man alive, that girl looks astounding. I love her whole outfit and her hair and her pretty, pretty face. Swoon!

I'm all for you giving it a go, but can I reserve ultimate judgement until I see you in it? Although, in all honesty, I think it is mostly about attitude, so I'm sure you can pull it off.

Talking of the hideous thin hair band...

...that isn't fair, is it? Poor Stacey. I assume she is the one who talks too fast that you mentioned. I have to say that I love her (headpiece excepted). And I'll tell you why.

She freaked out about not having done her nails in front of Whitney Houston.

And another thing:
On being dissed by Mr. Cowell she shrugged her shoulders and in her funny little way said "Oh well, can't please 'em all!"

I love her, I tells ya. Let's just kidnap whoever it is who is styling her and all will be well.

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