Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Saved by the Bell

I think I have probably admitted to you my guilty pleasure of America's Next Top Model. I really do love it. I know it is trashy and wrong and that no one who is on it is ever going to be a supermodel. But I say pish! These are mere trivialities.

On the series that is currently running there is a young lady called Celia. She has the best damn style of anyone who has ever been on one of these shows. Dude, I'm telling you, the girl knows her stuff.

There has been some controversy because she told Miss Tyra that some other girl was having doubts about her being there, was then admonished, told that was the most "un-beautiful" thing that had ever happened on the show (I think the judges must not have been watching all the other bits that happen on shoots and at their model house, but anyhoo)and saved in part because she has really awesome style. Which as I have just mentioned, she does.

She was wearing this skirt. It is a real bell shape, jutting right out. I want one real bad, but shorter. You know, mid thigh but really full.

Have you seen such a thing on your travels?

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lennic95 said...

Absolutely love it too. I was thinking of making one myself because I have no clue where I'll find one! :(