Wednesday, 4 January 2012

High Brow

Scan-daaaal! Kate Middleton... The D of C... sporting a Scouse brow? Oh the horror!

But before we all have kittens I don't think a strong brow and a scouse brow are exactly the same thing. Surely the Scouse brow has to be accompanied by the whole make up case and more than your fair share of silicone implant. And we can hardly accuse Kate of that. Perish the thought. Shudder!

(Image via Benefit)

I like the strong brow. And I bought this fabulous product called Brow Zings from Benefit. With my rookie touch though, I did start to resemble one of our ladies from the north.

But I'm sure with a little practise I will be able to look a little more high fashion.

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