Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Flora(l) Post

I'm excited about floral prints being big this year. Which is weird as usually it is something I shy away from.

But what I think I need to do is get them on before the weather gets too nice.

Which sounds a little strange, I imagine.

But there is some logic floating around somewhere, I promise.

In summer very summery clothes often smack of someone who has just returned on holiday.

You know, those girls you see wearing little dresses and flip flops in the rain after their two weeks in Ibeefa because they are determined to show off their tan, come what may.

Whereas wearing spring summer before spring summer? Charmingly forward thinking, must be someone in fashion to be wearing the new trends so early.

 I don't mean to freeze myself or anything.

Many of these looks would happily work with an opaque and a knit.

But actually, no matter how I justify it, the reality is that I'm just impatient.

I want to wear new season now.

Even though proper winter is probably only now starting.

And I have been swaddling myself in ever woolen item I own.

But I am the utimate fashion consumer.

Because I want what is new. And I want it now.

No matter how ridiculous I might end up looking in my Club Tropicana gettup.

(Images via Asos, Karen Millen, Oasis, River Island)

But if I do get laughed at I will just put my nose in the air, shake my head and say to myself "gosh, they're so behind the times. Winter clothes? So last season."

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