Monday, 30 January 2012

Make(ry) Hay While the Sun Shines

I did textiles GCSE, or, as it was actually called, needlework. Even then I kind of thought it was a bit uncool to call it needlework, textiles just seemed to have a more artsy feel to it. I had big dreams of making some real statements and some artistic pieces. I ended up making a pair of sheepskin slippers, a tie-dye quilt and skiving off to smoke cigarettes on the roof of the art department.

But actually, as much as it didn't live up to expectations it gace me certain skills which have continued to be useful. And the time has come to dust off my sewing machine for something more exciting than fixing seams and hemming trousers.

So I discovered The Makery, a lovely crafsty shop and workshop in Bath. I am waiting for them to set dates for a dressmaking course and in the interim and considering the knitting a crochet workshops. Meet a few people, increase my skills. Result!

(Images via What Katie Did Next, The Makery, Bath 360)

My only slight concern is that while home made things are fun to make are the results actually desirable? I have some homemade items that I adore but I'm not really a sweet little homemaker type so it might be a bit jarring. But I could always give things away. My friends and family would be too nice to look a knitted or crocheted gift horse in the mouth. Wouldn't they?

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