Monday, 23 January 2012

Twenties Twenties Vision

I know I shouldn't get wound up, but whenever I look at Ralph Lauren's magazine ads they make me cringe. They are soooo dated looking. There is always some kind of seventies flavour in there, even when that isn't the trend he is running with.

Plus they are always so American looking. Not that being American is a bad thing, but that fresh faced, preppy innocence is just so boring. And, again, dated. In terms of advertising anyway. The adverts look as though they are for an American market (which, admittedly, they probably are) and that the rest of the world will just have to lump it even if they don't appreciate the aesthetic.

But I hear you: "What's she getting upset about? The whole Ralph Lauren aesthetic is Americana. If you don't like that why would you be interested in Ralph Lauren anyway?"

And I would have agreed with you up to a point.

Specifically up to this point.

Where he sent fresh faced, rosy-cheeked girls down the runway in these fabulous twenties styles.

These dresses are so beautiful. And really sum up many of the things that I love about the trends for the coming season. Pastel shades, and easy elegance and a bit of Gatsy flavour.

This ice blue dress is enough to bring tears to my eyes with its beauty.

So, what do we reckon? Is it just a blip? Or am I going to have to overlook the hideous advertising and admit that I (gasp!) like Ralph Lauren?

Fortunately I don't have to decide just yet. I can enjoy this collection as a stand alone, and I don't have to worry myself about what's to come.

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