Wednesday, 18 January 2012

On the Up

As I have probably bored with you before, I am not a massive fan of designer/high street collaborations. Mostly because no matter how nice the designs the cheaper fabrics always look a bit rubbish. And that you are paying twice the price for something with a designer label that is of the same quality as the regular, cheaper ranges.

But I am prepared to eat my words because I love these collaborations with Aldo. The range is called Aldo Rise and the collaborateurs are Mark Fast (top), Libertine, Preen and JW Anderson (bottom two). They are on sale exclusively at Selfridges.

I would probably only buy the Mark Fast style as the others are less to my taste, but they are definitely interesting and look well made.

They have chosen really interesting designers, which intrigues me as I have never really considered Aldo to be particularly cutting edge.

I hope this is just the beginning of their collaborations because I think they have got off to a really good start.

(Images via Selfridges)

Now i just need to try and stop myself from buying the first Mark Fast pair because I really, really love them.

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