Monday, 9 January 2012

Living in Sindy

(Image via Net a Porter)

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with my Sindy dolls (the classier version of Barbie, for those not in the know, or at least that's what the little girls who didn't get a Barbie were told). And I loved her clothes most of all.

She had these really frightful ball dresses which of course I adored. I used to go to sleep at night with her little miniature dress under my pillow and pray that when I would wake up it would magically have been made me sized.

So imagine my delight on seeing this. It finally happened! Thanks to Zac Posen. A real life adult sized Sindy ball gown. If only I were the kind of girl to wear that kind of thing now, or were ever invited to the kind of event where you wouldn't look horrifically overdressed in this.

Better get praying again...


emma said...

I was far more of a Barbie girl and I totally agree - Sindy did have a touch more class. But Barbie had the best clothes I think. Mine had an amazing pair of glitter filled, transparent heels which I still look for person verions of to this day. I am 36, I should move on really ;)

Lovely blog by the way.

Em xx

Lucinda said...

Hi Em

Oh my days, they sound amazing! Let me know if you do ever come across them. I don't think you need to move on at all, we've got to have things to fantasise about, don't we?

Thank you so much for your feedback, it is always nice to know that people are enjoying the blog!


emma said...

I also had my gran make me an exact copy of one of her dresses. It was green with hot pink triangles appliqués on it. Soooo 1980s. I loved it. Wish I still had it and my barbie. Am feeling v nostalgic now.
Em xx

HT said...

I had Barbies...I guess that figures hmm?! Ha!