Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pull the Wool Over my, Err, Ears

Waaaaahhhh!!! I left my lovely woolly hat on the bus the other day. I'm going to see if I can hunt it down at lost property.

But if it hasn't been handed in then I need to find a replacement sharpish. It has been far too cold recently to risk a naked head while out and about if there is another cold snap.

So here are some possibilities. Some are practical/slightly boring. Some are a bit silly.

And some are turbans.

Which, of course, is what I'm craving. But as these pictures show in order for them not to look completely insane (which I know for some of you, particularly the menfolk, is probably impossible anyway) you have to have hair coming out of them. You know, at the bottom.

(Images via Asos) 

Seeing as I have none, or not that reaches below a hat, I think I have to give up this dream, or be mocked for looking like a fortune teller.

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